Harden 34 + 10 + 8 声! Sapphire supplement, rushing up hot search business: big beard returns

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On December 1st, Beijing time, the home of the Net Net 112-110 defeated Knicks, and won the victory of New York Derby. Haden bomb 34 points 10 rebounds 8 assists, shooting in 11. Three days ago, on this venue, Harden only got 12 points, 7 championships, heard the shock of the https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
home fans; after three days, Harden used excellent performance to conquer the home fans, the snoring became applause and cheer.https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com Durant first puzzled, got 27 minutes and 5 rebounds 9 assists.

This game, Harden quickly entered the state, and played significantly changed, no longer sent to teammates, but there was a chance to attack himself. Shortly after the opening, Harden completed a rebound, then two points in the middle of the 34 seconds! After 2 + 1 after 2 + 1, Harden was divided into three-point line, fined three goals, and the single section got 15 points!

The next session, Harden is still in force, continuous investment and layup score. Before the end of the half, Harden had excellent performances. He took Durant to the ball, two free throws, and then put into three points. In the first half, Harden received 28 points, refreshed the half-footed record of the basket of returns, the previous record is 27 points for the piston on https://www.maillotbasket6.com March 27 this year.

In the second half, the basket brings a wave of 14-0 offensive, in this wave of offensive, Harden’s breath, let him rush hot. This ball is crazy by the American media. Mills tried to be in the middle of the brunt, and the high jumpered in the brunt! Entering this ball of Harden, excitement is incomparable, and the smile is revealed after the sky, and the scene is applause and cheers. After the basket official, I wrote: “Jaaaaames!” US media Overtime said: “The big beard returns!” So crazy scored, really saw the shadow of Harden in the past.

Harden has also increased the pass in the second half, so that more teammates participate. Mills’ three points, the empty dunk of this Bry, Ade’s CCB passed the pass of Harden. Harden received only two points in the third quarter, but the single https://www.nbatrikots4.com section grabbed 8 rebounds and sent 3 assists. At the end of the day, Knicks reduces points. Harden has strengthened its https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com offensive, thrown, and successive score. At the end, he and his teammates took the pressure and won the victory. James – Johnson is free to kill. Data is given in front: Among the active players, Harden Careers is 25.0 points, which can be ranked third, second only to Durant and James.

In this game, Harden also unlocked 2500 milestones. A victory + one milestone + a big outbreak, for Harden, this night is very wonderful.