Guerrillas Lungo only died 45! He helped red socks to win the World Competition

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The MLB snap-in period has just entered the award period, but it came to a loss when many players recumed. Former MLB guerrilla Hulio-Lugo just died, it is reported that his death is a heart attack; he will spend his 46-year birthday in Beijing time, so his death is also staying at 45 years old, it is very regrettable .

Lugo gave a lot of time in the Grand Union, from 2000-2011. He played a four seasay in the
space man, followed by the rain, and later he spent some time in the 3 seasons in the red hose, and then in the Dodge, Warriors, Jinyu and Shuque were short. Stay.

Lugo was born in Dominica, but his high school in Brooklyn, then playing in Corizes State University in Oklahoma. The 43rd round of 1994 was selected, and then started from the Low-A Alliance in 1995, followed by the small alliance slowly, and became the first time in 2000.

In 12 years, Luo’s hit three is 0.269 / 0.333 / 0.384, contributing 1279 security, including 238 second bases, 34 three-stricken and 80 strokes. 45 points, run back to 688 points, 198 pirates, victory contribution value 13.5. In 2007, he is the guerrilla hand of Boston’s red socks and helped the team to win the World Competition. In the four games of Sweep Luoji, Luo has hit 5 security hits, and he ran back 2 points.

Such a player who has been struggling and succeed in the big profit is naturally worthy of respect, so his death is even more sorry, especially his only 45 years old.