For the old eagle Wenz high pay, Denim, Lawrence, will let them be embarrassed

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Just in the US time on Thursday, the eagle and the quartz Wentz-Wenz (Carson Wentz) signed a four-year contract, let him become one of the highest salary of the entire Union.

As the eagle is the same as the same district, the answer to Demarcus Lawrence is also very simple: the higher the salary, the more miserable “fall”.

Lawrence has been pushed on Thursday: The more we are rich, so that they feel the better.

Lawrence has also gained a good new contract this year, considering his mission is to destroy the quarter-saving, and the response is fierce.

Wenz’s record is two wins and three negatives, but the Lawrence career has not successfully killed in the 9th game of the eagle, indirectly proves that the eagle offensive cut Ren Ren – Johnson’s excellent level.

Lawrence needs a lot of high salary of “愧” this year, in addition to Wenz, Bris.