Distal 9 points, while adding 8 points! James H – 39 + 5 + 6 + quasi-lore hit a record four

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Beijing time on November 25, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron – James back after suspension, the scene of the Pacers, he played a wonderful performance, the first half, scored 17 Data + 2 + 3, the third single section 5 points, the fourth quarter with nine points in overtime, he played the role of savior, James added two three-pointers in mind a fadeaway jumper to get 8 points, helping the team to harvest game. It is worth mentioning that, the Lakers played for a long time small lineup, they strive James in the paint and small Sa and Turner melee, and contributed two blocks.

Down the whole game, James played 43 minutes, shot 13 of 29, scored a blistering 39 points, five https://www.nbatrikots4.com rebounds and six assists, although the hit rate is not too high, but James called the performance at the critical moment of miracles, the fourth hit almost one-third away game, plus time and the face of defensive players stand out fadeaway jumper to complete the quasi-lore. This game also allows James to create a record of the four, the first major record, the field, James scored double the number again in double figures, scoring a career on the field to 1049, once again set their NBA record keeping; the first two major records, James scored 39 points after it, creating their own this season, scoring https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com a new high record.

The third-largest record, according to statistics, James, after its 35-year-old has scored seven times over at least 30 points, five rebounds, five assists and five three-pointers, breaking the NBA record again, and the history of other people add up to only 4 after 35 years Second-rate. The fourth largest record, according to statistics, this is James his first 395 games of at least 30 points and five assists, the largest in history, continue to refresh their NBA record keeping, ranked second Oscar – Robertson of the 370 field. James not only beat the performance of the service Pacers, Lakers also play served two players.

The first one is Bradley, after the fourth quarter hit a key three-pointers, James King steps out to celebrate, for James Bradley made to wear a crown of action, https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com meaning “you’re a king.” The second is Munch, Munch after the game what James meant when asked about the Lakers, he said: “! Everything, brother, he means everything” It is worth mentioning that, Munch played 33 minutes 29 seconds, 11, 6, 6, 3 three-pointers to get 17 points and eight rebounds, although irrational defensive situations sometimes arise, but he teamed distal Ellington hit three three-pointers, James is buried epic performances under the bedding.

As a result, four times this season, the Lakers into overtime, win all, opponents are the Spurs, Hornets, Miami Heat and Pacers. The Lakers hit the field five small lineup, the two center Anthony and James, and two veteran walkers Sabonis and Turner Ying Kang, did not strive, especially James, also caused the distal Sabonis rebounding foul. The victory will bring the https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
morale of the Lakers greatly improved, with James performance proved that he is not the king had gas, but most threatening attack point on the field.