Defend home! Haslem propaganda: Do not stir up trouble watching Jokic brothers, Miami is my site

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Beijing time on November 30, a highly anticipated match will be staged on time. Protagonist of the game are the two teams Denver and Miami. The two teams scores presumably fans are clear. The game will attract attention from all sides, security is the top priority. The game has not been up to the start of gunpowder. Today, the Heat veteran Udonis Haslem said in an interview: Jokic brothers look at the ball, when not to stir up trouble, Miami is my site.

According to previous reports, Jokic brothers will come away to watch the Miami Heat and the Nuggets. Two brothers Jokic’s increasing attention recently, and his brother differ, the two of us is special. It is said that Jokic’s elder brother is mixed with the underworld. Last season the Nuggets playoff challenge the Suns, Jokic due to a technical foul and sun Booker players clashed, Jokic sidelines of the two brothers shouted, quite wanted to do battle situation. After fermentation Jokic and Maurice events, parties quarreling on social media. Jokic’s two brothers even said that if you can be satisfied with “try.”

The game Nuggets and Miami Heat will certainly be taken seriously, not just the field of players will be taken seriously, off-site security personnel will be taken seriously. Jokic’s two brothers as VIP security personnel Miami is sure to be the focus of man-mark, to prevent the two men have a radical move. However, due to the wrist injury Jokic play the next game in doubt. In other words, 30 Jokic will not necessarily play to play the game. If this message is true fans will be very disappointed, Jokic is the protagonist of the game, he does not play, what does it mean?

Jokic and his two brothers are ruthless people, but Jokic should not forget that the Miami Heat have a ruthless man. This ruthless man neither Morris nor Butler, Miami real people are ruthless veteran Udonis Haslem.

Haslem just how ruthless it? We might as well look at this set of data Haslem was born in 1980, this year has been 41 years old. 2003 to enter the NBA 后哈斯勒姆 has played for the Heat, playing a total of 860 career games. Udonis Haslem only 2 meters tall and 03, as the power forward he is extremely tough style of play, there are several career season, averaging nearly 10 rebounds. He was extremely hard on the defensive end, good for position and scraping. And the team won three championship is the best proof.

Jokic last season played only four games, including a game is impressive. Haslem direct and shouted abuse at the Howard card, even to get started. Please be final referee out of the stadium. Miami is not the biggest temper Butler, but Haslem. Taking into account Haslem tough style and career history, even Butler have to give him a bit of face.

As a veteran player, Hasi Mu had a sort of tough. Miami is that he has played for the team, his parent club. So he will not tolerate other people in the Miami home recklessly. The game is played Jokic whether or not to play, the Nuggets will need to reduce the number of unnecessary tricks. Because they are away from home, the referee will certainly favor the home side. Haslem game may even be starting to play. To defend their home.

Finally, NBA whistled for a system this season more relaxed, more and more confrontation and conflict. To some extent, this year’s NBA become good-looking, and the fans want to see confrontation between the scores of players. Before the start of the season, no one thought the start of this season, the most talked about game may be the Heat and Nuggets. The game will be started the morning of November 30, fans may wish to look at this game. Heat and the Nuggets can only look at what the last laugh. Scores between Jokic and Morris will ending in what way? Tell me friend, how do you evaluate Haslem’s remarks? Welcome to the commentary of the review area under the article.