Curry is being protected from 4 to 21! Cole was playing dress up, but the sun wins the league to fight two injured

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Beijing on December 1, second in the league today, the sun and the league warriors ushered in positive dialogue, I believe many of my friends know the results of the competition, the Suns 104-96 win over the Warriors, because the outcome of poor relations, sun also successfully squeezed out of first place immediate concern Warriors Union, and 17-game winning streak also tied the record of their history, the sun won the game in two ways: to lock Curry + excellent interior defense.

Ayton today the sun is winning big hero, he personally scored 24 points and 11 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal 2 blocks at the same time is also very good at killing limiting the Warriors inside, the Warriors team today won a total of 40 in the paint points, shooting just 50 percent. Curry attack against the opponent, only 4 of 21 shots in the audience, the third 14 3 scored 12 points 3 rebounds and 2 assists in the data, the team leader labeled as such, can be understood losing warrior.

Curry also talked about the issue after the game is limited to their own defense, he said: “I feel bad today, while their defensive strategy is very special, their great takeover, and locked our three points, very often we shot very difficult, I dropped some balls, but did not find touch, “the league in scoring gave locked up, the sun today that defensive commendable, Monty after the game talking about this issue, he said:” I do not want to give Curry a little chance to attack, not to let him feel a thing. “

With outstanding execution and defense, the sun for the first time this season, the Warriors scored a game but a hundred very good, Saihoukeer also addressed the issue of sun defense Curry, he said: “If some teams like the sun so Curry defense, then other people will be a good chance, such as Chrysler will also get the chance, “Kohl attitude is good, this time he also Na Kelai making fun, interesting.

See Cole still confident, after the game he also said that the sun is the Western Conference championship, they are a better team than the Warriors, it is estimated that Cole is waiting for the return of Chrysler, indeed thickness Warriors lineup for now and star quality, there is no Clay difficult for them to get the championship, the future of the library will be so for the defense, but if Klein’s words, he let opponents back painful price, rather than today teammate vent rarely able to give a lot of response.

Although the sun win this crucial game, but they are there to fight two players injured, today scored 14 points and 4 rebounds and 2 assists in Cameron Johnson cramps, Munch represents no specific official information, the card may Cameron Johnson will therefore miss some time, but is not expected to be too long, after all, a minor injury, Cameron sun on the bench most
reliable pitcher, and his defense is very good.

In addition to the sun’s core Booker left leg tendon injury early exit because in today’s game which, it is estimated there may be a period of rest, which want to continue winning streak is not good news for the sun, in their Saturday will continue to face the Warriors, then both sides will put on a World war, Cole can crack the sun for Curry’s defense, the other players will be able to stand out is the key.

If you want the sun to continue their winning streak, then in the case of Booker and Cameron Johnson possible absence, other players have to play better, Ayton at this time we should seize the opportunity to further prove himself. Saying this, you have anything to say for now, the sun and the Warriors? Welcome to the message discussion.