Cole: There will be many accidents on the crown road, but I believe that the warrior will be able to raise the championship!

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The Warriors lost this key match, let the league, the throne of the league, but the coach Cole felt that everything was mastered, and in an interview, he believed that the team can win the total this year. champion.

The Warriors showed very well in the early season. At present, 18 wins and 3 negative records and the sun is best, get rid of the downturn in the past two seasons. In this regard, the coach Corr In the interview with the American media THE Athletic today, he talked about the Warriors’ hot opening bureau in the season, and the team returned to the crown after the competition in two consecutive seasons.

Cole said: “I am very happy to reach this crown. However, in these five finals, I learned that there are too many things that you can’t control, although this is like the general coach will say, But what we can do is to adjust yourself to the best state and win the game. “

“If we put work (training) every day and enjoy this process, we will win a lot of games. We have been working hard, put yourself as good location, I think we have proved us to the outside world. can do.”

When I talked about why the team was so good at the beginning of the season, Cole said that she only wanted, he said: “My competitive desire drives me. But like a lot of players, it is more afraid to lose the ball is bigger. Power. I just want to win, do you know? My heart is burning, I really want to win. “

In addition, Cole also talked about the desire of the team this season. He said that the warrior can win the championship, but also give the outside world, because anything in NBA may happen, he can’t make sure the ball Can the team come to the end.

He said: “I think we can win the championship, but I have seen a lot of finals, in our first championship season, I saw Lefu, Owen underwent. I saw it, as a Lakeman Fans, I looked at the Lakers. I saw the magician Johnson, Byron-Skot, because of the legs injured, the Legus (1989). I have seen such a long time, even Participation, no one knows what happens, the only thing to do is to enjoy the process. “

Cole began as the Warriors coach in 2014, and it is already the 8th season of his coal. He has killed the finals for 5 consecutive years in 2015 to 2019, and won the championship 3 times. With Durant’s leave, and Clay for 2 consecutive season reimbursement, they have failed to enter the playoffs for the last two seasons.

However, the Warriors have been in the same year from the season this year,
and then the Warriors will become a more powerful team with Cleansman, and the Warriors will become a more powerful team. The crown is ranked, and it is also one of the most popular teams of the 2021-22 season.