Changed, finally gone! Woger is finally like a fan, and the Lakers’ victory should also start.

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Lakers double happiness

The Lakers in this season are really fate, and after the opening period of the super luxury paper, they can enter the new season. They can’t find the state. As a team of the first season’s defensive efficiency Alliance, the defense of this season is a decline in the way, and the performance of the offensive end is not ideal.

I finally ushered in good news! The first is that James is about to come out, this season’s old idle is absent 11 games, after the injury, he has just hit the face of Stewart because of the hurt of the piston, eventually banned a game . Lao Zhan, who had been lifted after the ban, the team just got some improvement, and the old Zhan was triggered by the epidemic protection, and he had detected positive, and he had to have been isolated again.

Previously, Lao Zhan was absent for at least 10 days, but the official announced today that Lao Zhan was negative for 8 times, and he has passed the epidemic protection regulations.
This means that Lao Zhan will not be restricted, he can play in the game with the club. Today, the biggest problem facing the lake is the lineup, and his return is conducive to the three giants to play better performance.

Another good news is that Aliza has resumed training, perhaps he will usher in the short term. The Lakers in this season constantly encountered injuries, and they have not yet set a game in the season. Although Aliza has stepped into the end of your career, he also can’t ignore the role of the Lakers, looking forward to his return, Aliza’s defense on the front line is too reused for the Lakers.

Woger finally gone

Today, Woger said that Warcraft will refer to the starting lineup, and this decision is a matter of expectation. In the last and king’s game, World of Warcraft proved their value and showing their ability. He is very important to the team’s help, and more critical is the combination of Warcraft and strong eyebrows.

Xiao Jordan has always been a fake hair of the team. In addition to certain eating cakes, his defensive choice is very bad. The performance of the https://www.nbatrikots4.comLakers this season is not ideal for the first time of Xiao Jordan. I really don’t know if the last game and Woger quarrel have occurred such a decision, or Walgel has adjusted in the strategy. In summary, Warcraft returns to the first change in the lake.

The Lakers in this season have not experienced hard, and their strength has not been truly showing. Previously, the eyebrows said that the Lakers will open a wave of consecutive victories. So far a winner of the Lakers, Wei Shao has begun to gradually incorporate into the team, and the entire team has seen the sign of improvement. Today, the team lineup is adjusted again, they Can I officially open a wave of consecutive ways, wait and see!