CBA will take a double-end area, NBA stars join CBA, Liao Yue New Year’s Day!

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CBA will take a double-end area

The Chinese men’s basketball team World Cup qualifier is successful, and the Chinese men’s basketball team will start from Japan to arrive in the country today. The second stage of the CBA League will also start this month’s 25th. Recently, CBA came out the second stage of the league on the official website. From the race, fans can find that the second phase of the CBA League will be divided into two-game area.

In addition to the original Zhuji Division, the CBA Alliance has added a Changchun Farm. After the end of the 23rd round of the league, there will be 5 teams to exchange the competition, and then continue 24-28 rounds. The second stage of the CBA league took a double-ended game, which undoubtedly a good news to the fans. The fans in the northeast are finally able to watch the ball on the spot. I believe that the subsequent CBA will also open more.

NBA star joins CBA

The fans know that our domestic CBA League is the first major in Asia. The influence is second only to NBA and European league. In addition to gathered a national basketball, many NBA stars will also be treated overseas. Preferred. Once included in Marmbri, McGrady and Francis brought to the CBA League, where Ma Buri is in the CBA League, such as a newborn. Recently, according to well-known basketball bloggers, he got a certain message, and NBA Star Harrjles will join the CBA league. At present, Harrijars has arrived in China.

Harrijars was only 23 years old this year, height is 211cm. You can serve in the 4th and 5th. Jars used to be the first round of the 2017 NBA Alliance No. 20 show, success in kings, pioneers and hulls Hit the ball, King Jalesfield can get 7 points, excellent exercise ability, and the arm exhibition makes Jars have a deterrent in both the opposite side. At present, although it is still unclear which team, it is foreseeable that the NBA Star Jales Jacket CBA League has made the second stage of the CBA league full of attention.

Liao Yue New Year’s Day

Since Yao Ming took over the CBA League, the CBA League’s attention was getting higher and higher, and it became more and more commercialized. In the past NBA league, there will often be famous Christmas Wars. In the second stage of the CBA League, we can find that the CBA League is now hard, in our country, the New Year’s Day, the Liaoning Men’s Basket and Guangdong Hongyuan, the two super strong teams arranged by the CBA League. Expand the depending.

Liaoning men’s basketball team and Guangdong Hongyuan is the old opponent on the finals. The two teams are big-name gathers. The Liaoning men’s basketball team has Guo Iron, Zhao Jiwei, Zhang Tanglin and Han Dejun’s four active national hands, Guangdong Hongyuan has Ali, Zhou Peng , Zhao Rui, Xu Jie and Hu Mingxuan 5 national hands, so many domestic first-class stars participated in New Year’s Day, I have to say that Yao Ming is also working hard. On the day of New Year’s Day, fans have seen.

The CBA league added a long spring session. The fans in the second stage are blessed, and the players can go out and take a look. NBA Star Jalescad CBA League, although it is not clear which team will join, but the CBA League will be more look. New Year’s Day Wars is unfolded
between Liao Guang, and 10 countries gathered together, and they will give fans a wonderful match.