Car Luceo steals: I can read them after the players have their own pass habits.

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November 24th, Beijing time, recently, Bull players Karuso accepted Hoophype interview.

Talking about your own
field steals (2.2 times, the league second), Carru said: “This is a kind of instinct, I can read others.”

“I have stayed in this alliance for three or four years, and most of the players have played a few times, and even some of me have already played more than a dozen times, I have a understanding of their game.”

“I know that some defender habits, I know their different passions, no matter where they go left or right.”

“I just figured out their tendency. In addition, I am competing every second in the game, trying to win. When I do this, I will tend to succeed.”

(Wine god Bucus)