Broker: Don’t think that Flahovich Winter will leave the team this summer may join Juventus

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Live Bar November 3, in an interview with a reporter, Vlahovich’s broker Tolkia talked about the future of the player. He said that he would not think that Vlahovich will be leaving the team in January.

Tolkia said: “I don’t think Flahrovich english news 2020 will leave Florence in the winter. He has the opportunity to join Juventus, or go to other teams today, but he did not leave the team.”

“Technical aajtak tv live hindi tactical level, Flahovich can stay in Florence, or to choose to leave the team in order to further grow. If he considers more economic english video airtel problems, the Italian team is obviously in a disadvantage. But so he must face a more difficult to match.The bigger league is also the Premier League, he has to do itself. ”

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