Bring the team to the team with experience in the chief defense coordinator to join the Falcon Coach Group

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Atlantan Falcon Cohandan – Quin is hosted all coordinators in this year’s break and will be personally responsible for defensive command in the new season.

But he also brought an experienced member to the coach.

Falcon announced before the Kansas City Chief Defense Coordinator Bob Sutton joined the team as a senior assistant coach.He will assist incendence in the competition strategy, time management, suspend use and playback review.

The Falcon once let the assistant offensive front line coach Kyle Walle, but he is now going to the University of Alabama.

It is necessary to provide help in these matters. More and more coaches are aware of the current competition to make them difficult to process all information in real time.

Sutton once served as a chief defensive coordinator for 6 years, but he was fired after the end of the season.The chief is replaced by Steve Spagno.