Braddy claims that he has grilled his mouth to support the red sock team to win the World Competition

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The four major sports alliances in North America are mutually avoided in the schedule, at least to ensure that the audience in the United States can immerse in the atmosphere of sports. However, October is an exception. In this month, the four sports alliances have competitions; and the most striking, the finals of the American Baseball Union, is the coming of the World Competition. This year’s anti-two parties are two traditional strong teams. Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Daoqi, as the same city team, the four-point Guou, the new England Patriots team, of course, to openly support the Red Sox to win the World Competition.

However, when he talked about the Dodge team, he used the word “annoyed”.

Breddy talked about this in the “Colk & Karahan” program, he clearly said that because of his fans of the San Francisco giant, he was very annoying the same district of the giant.

The host naturally won’t let this topic, when asked which players who have the most annoying tidal team, Braddy’s answer is even more shocking.

“My God, there are a lot (annoying Dodgers).”

Under the chairman, Braddy still said a name – Fernando – Varrenzula, Braddy said this is his number one enemy.

Valent is a famous pitcher of the former Los Angeles Daoqi. He was active during the Dodge in 1980 and 1990. In 1981, he got the best new and national League Yang (Best Pitcher) award in 1981. At the World Competition champion trophy. All stars were selected for six consecutive years in 1981-1986. The career has been investigated by 2074 three vibrations, and the ERA score is only 3.54 points.

Yes, he led the Dodge team brought a lot of trouble to the Giant team supported in Braddy’s childhood.

However, Brradi is not worried that the Los Angeles Dodge today can threaten the Boston Red Socks. He feels that with the end of the last number, the Boston Red Socks won the championship. “Nothing is more wonderful than the reddock team, I believe they will win.” Braddy said.

Let Braddy have such a bottom, and the reddock team is hot this year. The first record of the league, JD-Martinens explosive performance, the team is a hot state in the beating, people have to feel that they are the top of this year’s World Competition champion. After 4-1 eliminated the defending champion Houston Space team, their natural sword finger champion.

However, Braddy’s remarks may cause supporters of Dodge, including the powerful roots of the various alliance players in Los Angeles. Perhaps this year’s super bowl, the Los Angeles Rasquet will have the opportunity to achieve the city of Los Angeles and Boston.

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