Bobsports Sports: Morzio Suri supports Pelp Guadio rule to Atlanta

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Lazio coach Surre Double Papuadiola on comments with Atlanta competitions and to see dentist.

On Saturday afternoon, the former Chelsea coach and Ji’an Piero Gaspei have conducted a tactical contest, and Lazio’s team escaped in the game, 2-2 draw in Bergamo. Score. Pedro started to score in the 18th minute, and the Du Wan Sapata returned to the Papata in the half competition. Silo does not move, then consolidated him as an early stage. Kapopakano had a ninth battle before Marthen Delong.

This common fraction ensures that Lazio and Atlanta are held in the first four and fifth positions in the top four of the league, but to a ancient aliens season 12 in hindi large extent, in Rome, they currently occupy the final qualifiers of the Champion Cup. Before the Ji Weishi Stadium, Surre was full of tactical style to Gasperini, and he agreed with Guadiola: It was a great experience with Atlanta competition, which was on Saturday. Prove this.

Surrey said in the pre-match press conference: “We have a continuous third game, the rest time is less than 72 hours, other teams have never had this situation.” “We went to Bellgamo to face A powerful team. Atlanta has a very aggressive, as Guardiola said, it dd india live channel is like going to see the dentist, even if you have no damage, you still feel pain. “Atlanta is an example of the club organization. They made a clear choice, they are the inspiration of the whole exercise. “However, we are Lazio, we must take a similar way to choose, but from the perspective of technical perspectives.”

Surry’s comment is in Guadio, claims to play with Atlanta – Tuesday with Manchester United – can compare with the 2019 dentist trip, when Manchester City team 1 is 1 to 1 to 1st in the Champion Cup group . Guardiola said in 2019: “All Italians will tell you that 4 points for us are a huge success.” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” Difficult, and we know that this will be very difficult. “In any sense, this is a great performance. latest breaking news in hindi today ”