Big cold! The patriots lost the dolphins at home, and the chief of the second seed was later won the season.

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Patriot bursting on dolphins

Patriot bursting on dolphins

December 30 (Wen / ESPN Mike Reiss Compilation / White) Miami Dolphins created a miracle in the hands of the new England patriots. The last week of the NFL regular season, the dolphins 27-24 defeated the patriot. The patriot will give yourself a painful consideration. Because the Chief of Kansas City defeated Los Angeles lightning in the arrow court, now Bill Bilchik’s team lost the United States, I will enter the season with the identity of the third seed. The game, their outer casters are Tennesi Titan.

The defender of the patriot has not blocked the last hit of the dolphin quartzpa-Fitz Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick), the latter launched 13 offensive to advance the 75 yards, 24 seconds left in the game At the time, the nearest end Mike Gsky (Mike Gesicki) completed 5 yards to kill the game.

“We need to play the best football, but today didn’t.” The patriot main coach Billych said: “I hope that I will wish next week.”

According to the mouth given by the gaming company, the patriot is to let the dolphins 17 points, but the dolphins are incredible to defeat the patriot, this is the biggest cold door in this season. In the era of Tom Brady, the first round of the playoffs is very important to impact the super bowl. According to statistics, the patriots won the superbown in the superbweed season, they have been in the first round of round, and they are still an off-card game or in 2009.

“Today is a good opportunity for us, but we don’t have a good grasp.” Brady said: “We are not good enough, but we all want to play better, wrong, I am in me.”

Since 2001, the patriot’s playoffs has been 27 wins and 7 losses. During 9 times, I advanced into the super bowl. And they did not have the first round of round, the record was 3 wins and 3 losses, and did not enhance the super bowl. Breddy said: “We were defeated today, now we must prepare for the next week, we will play better next week.” For Bradi, this is the biggest cold door in his career. In his career, the record of more than 14 points, Braddy’s record was 30 wins and 30 losses. Prior to this, the biggest cold door in Braddy career was lost in the second week of 2012, which was divided into 13.5 points. In general, this is the biggest cold door since September 18, 1978. At that time, the patriots lost 17 points to the crow.

The patriot should be tuned today and will be played in the playback of the sea, but they did not. The whole game patriot has almost chasing points, Braddy is facing 0-10 behind the second section, the Dolphin Horn Wi-Rowell (Eric Row) completes 35 yards back to the attack, This is Braddy to send a copy from the first time since 2017. In the first half, Braddy has played very abnormal, and the 92 yards were advanced in 12 pass 5. The entire game, Braddy 28 passed 15 in 15, 2 reached 1 time being copied.

At the fourth quarter, 3 minutes and 53 seconds, Braddy and James White completed 13 yards, the latter kills into the end of the end, so that the patriots got 24-20 lead, but defenders The group finally did not hold it.

“Our original plan is leading by the offensive group, relying on the defensive group to hold the last wave, but unfortunately, we have not ended the game.” Safety Wei Dewen-McCoti said after losing: “We are The game did not stand up, so lost. We didn’t perform the tactics of the coach, especially in the last wave of defense. “

It is reported that a better of Caesar Sports Gaming Company has paid a high price. The beter pressed the 6-digit gambling gold in five teams, respectively pressed the patriot, Saint, Chief , Packwork and St. Louisiana State University. In addition to the patriot, others have won, if the patriot will win, he will earn $ 140,000.

After today’s game, the dolphins can enter the rest of the festival with a positive attitude, and they may not be able to enter the playoffs, but it is already very happy to make the patriotic manufacturing. The patriot will now fall to the third seed, and will have to prepare the game next week, the opponent is Tennesi Titan.