Bhache will accelerate the introduction of Shidanin

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According to Kibei Radio, PTIs, Helena Condis, in Know the striker, Agum Road, will be treated thats news because of arrhythmia, and after at least 3 months, Base has decided to sign an energy in the winter. The striker of the ball is replaced, and the people in Barcel is the most fascinating person is Manchester City attack. Shidin.

In the past cnn ibn india summer, Barcel has been pulping peace. Starnin has negotiating. But now, Barcel needs to first determine the official new coach, and discuss the strike characteristics of the introduction of the introduction.

According to Spanish news, after the Champions League coupled to the front of the battlefield, Phase Vice-Chairman Zodika will take the To Qatar, and the khabar hindi joining of the Xavi Hernandez in Aisade.

As for Barcel, why need Base to wait until the winter, you can sign a new forward, not like the Martian in the transfer window. Barkwweed, the reason is very simple: The Spanish Football Association today news video has canceled “player 5 months or more injury” Can be urgently signing the player supplementary injuries.

This also means that it is lacking at least 3 months of Shati, Agum Road, even if it finally lacks for 5 months, Barcel can not sign a striker now as an alternative. In fact, the previous Base is in the injured Martian. Bark Vweidi has encountered the same situation. flash news today However, in January next year, Base can retrieve it. If it is still fighting the European, then they can revoke the registration of the two.