Bell caught in the emotional scam was stolen over $ 500,000 two girlfriends collections

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Most star players until mandatory minicamp team will go to report, for the media, which can be rare interviews and excavating good time. New York Jets running back Le Weiang – skip voluntary training camp before Bell, a man alone in the gym. Arena after an absence of 17 months, Bell also feel more suited, after gym sweat, Bell wanted to finally go home into the gentle, but when he got home, they found two girlfriends disappeared, the family valuables disappeared together NS……

According to reports, last month, Bell’s two girlfriends from his Florida home, stole their valuables, economic losses amounted to more than $ 500,000, including his favorite piece of the movie “Black Panther” co-branded necklace. It is reported that May 5, Bell just returned from the gym back home found a messy closet clothes were thrown to the ground, flower pots also were broken, two gold necklaces, a diamond necklace, a Rolex watch and love Panthers pendant was gone, disappeared together there are two girls playing in his home.

Police said 10 days later, the two girls is still not found, the case is still in these investigations.

March of this year, Le Weiang – Bell four-year contract deal worth $ 52.5 million in the year after the anti-game, finally signed with the New York Jets. This thing the whole world knows, a year without wages if 久旱逢甘霖 Bell, get a signing bonus of the moment began to buy buy buy, play to play. Perhaps it is so, let criminals eyeing the upstart. Two girls bullying deceived Bell feelings with attractive appearance, squeezing his body, but also cost him more than $ 500,000, eat a cutting wisdom, Bell now regret, can not pick roadside wildflowers.

At June 5, Bell finally went to the Jets reported to participate in a mandatory minicamp. On the court, Bell’s mood seems to have been affected by theft, coupled with an absence of 17 months the court, Bell is clearly not in the best state, simulated attack several files mediocre results. Not only that, it was revealed that Bell has been teammates on the pitch shouting, Kuangpen trash. Apart from training, Bell has been with quarterback Sam – Da Nuode to be together, study new tactics. He said he had not played the race more than a year, such a situation is normal, the team will work hard to keep up with the progress.

New season, Bell hopes to return to the peak, though he said he does not play for a long time, but one should not forget the league running back named Le Weiang – Bell.