Bayern wants to introduce Upa Mikano, let him replace the location of Allab, but the competition is very large.

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Original title: Bayern wants to introduce Upa Mikano, let him replace Alba’s position, but the competition is very large

Bayern’s Munich President Roumeneg said when I was interviewed on February 2, Chelsea and Liverpool were very interested. Bayern will also plan to introduce this middle guard, although Roumeneg wants to introduce Upa Mekano has replaced Allaba, but these two Premier League clubs are closely focused on Upamekano. According to Roumeniger, now Liverpool and Xia Xi’s new news today interest in Upamekano is also very strong. In the past two years, Upapamino grows in the team of Leipzig. The speed is very fast, and now he is already the most popular player in the European football. This 22-year-old player, he helped Leipzig in the competition of Bundesliga, challenged Bayern’s champion status.

And this player also showed his excellent strength in the Champions League, showing the maturity of his age and the body’s strength, in these months, Manchester Union, Juventus, and Paris these The Giants team is closely related to the players of Upamekino. The price of this player also rises with his excellent performance in each of his game, the Chairman of the Ban has also latest news today live confirmed that Bayern will try to introduce this excellent player when the summer transfer window is trying to introduce this excellent player. .

And they are also very hoping, can find an instead of players who are about to leave, the latter contract will end in June this year. In the interview with the media, Roumeneg said that in addition to the two clubs in Bayern Munich, I was very interested in Ubameno’s players. In fact, this player is also very interesting, they can almost Will definitely lose Araba, and he has no way to determine that there will be some players who will leave the team at this location. And Roumeneg also predicts that Bayern will face two competition from two to official news create a giant, and the two Premier League is also an attractive team.

He said that Chelsea and Liverpool’s two very good teams are closely focused on Upa Mikano, and very hopes to introduce this player into their own team. However, he still believes that Bayern has its own advantage, and the agent of Upamekano has passed. And Roumeneg also said that he must develop smoothly, and they are also very good, and the relationship between Upa Mikano is also very good. This player will always have a very clear to the end. What I want is.

And their relationship and news between this team and Leipzig is also very friendly. Roumeneg said that he also talked about this thing and Oliver Mizlav, and all things were confirmed, they will discuss them again. In fact, Chelsea and Liverpool have also been very strong for Upameno’s players, and more proven, this player is a very powerful player, but he also has this strength instead of Allabra. . So after the player of Araba leaves the team, they are very trying to introduce me to their own team, replacing the location of Allabra.Return to Sohu, see more


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