Bayern star watching the basketball tourism, alab girlfriend is amazing (Figure)

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The basketball team has a good performance today, the team finally won the victory of 24 points, the coach Bayman said: “Today is a good night, we got the result of the wanted.” In the Bayern Club, the pig is a person playing football. The top of the basketball is the highest, the basketball team is best to play football, and the football will kick the football into the head line news today basket. Harman, he and the basketball team, is a good friend, and many times will be paid for the basketball team, and this is no exception. The pigs in the competition also show special enthusiasm. He sometimes discusses the contents of the game with friends, and sometimes points to Jiangshan, express your own opinion, and the chairman behind him is laughing. When the team has a wonderful time, it is more jumped, and it is applauded, and the absolutely devout basketball fans look like, and people completely forgot his calm ball on the football court.

Chairman Hels also came to the game, and he was also a frequent visitor of the basketball team. In the last month and the Oldenburg, he also led a number of players who came over to the football team. The highlight outside the venue is Alaba and his beauty girlfriend. As a small google headlines character in the Bayern team, the attention of Allaba has received is not high, but this time he brought a beautiful beauty, he also got a lot of cameras. The 19-year-old Araba is not only gains more and more opportunities in Bayern, but also has a harvest. Allabian girlfriend is a standard German white girl, her skin is white, Wen Wenya, a hair shared, bright teeth, Zhu lips, tall, although there is no dress, but still cover up the temperament Exude.

However, in the field, Allaba seems to love beauty more love basketball. He will more in the god of the gods, the game is plastic, and the Allaba is grim, the face is more black, the girlfriend is holding the water cup, Zhu lips fine, a pair of eyes Follow the contest. As the basketball team gradually dominant, Araba became excited, and the girlfriend next to him was also laughing, gnews news live the lip red and white, like the girls like a girl, entrained with fresh temperament. Seeing the overall g9oogle news situation has been determined, Araba is also turned around to exchange a few words, heating the feelings.

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