Barcelona controversial videos: Gliezman and Dengbelei apologize, the club considers internal action

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Barcelona has an apology of Anthony Gritzman and Osman Denglei on weekends, and said they are studying internal measures to players.

In the case of the recording of Japan during the club in the summer, Daubene seems to be in the “ugly face” of Asian employees in a hotel, teammates Glenzman and laugh at it.

Earlier this week, the two said sorry in social media, admit that they did not respect, but refuting to any racist discrimination. # 西甲 #

Barcelona claims that our club is deeply regrettable for etv news telugu live ap our club in Japan and Asian fans and club partners, because two players in videos show a lack of respect for several employees they stay, we apologize. ”

“This attitude does not match the values ??newsx youtube of Barcelona representatives and defending. The club is committed to improving the education of racial discrimination and diversity. In Barcelona, ??racist discrimination is there is no tolerance.”

“From the summer of 2019, Barcelona wants to openly apologize to all club fans and partners who are dissatisfied with this incident. Before this, the club’s responsibility fell on the board of directors and executive teams.

“The players have expressed their apology and apologize to Japanese fans and partners, which is the most important issue of the club. However, Barcelona reserves the right to take appropriate internal measures.”

The ibn 18 hindi video appeared on the social media on the weekend, and the CEO of the club’s main sponsor Lotte first expressed dissatisfaction with this video.

Tuesday sponsor Lotte said: “This behavior is unacceptable under any circumstances. I will give a formal protest to the club and need them to reply.”

A source then confirmed that Gritzman has released apology in social media and apologized to Sanmu Valley.

The French forward wrote that he “completely opposes all forms of discrimination”, “refutes the allegations of me, if I am charging my Japanese friends, I am sorry.”

On Wednesday, Barcelona announced the contract of Cologne in the Asian partner in Asia.

Debeira apologize: “This happens in Japan, but it may happen anywhere on the earth, I use this bad expression, there is no race. I just happened to my friend. It is a bit more 24 news channel numberbehavior regardless of what they do. I am sorry that people who may hurt them in these images. Here, I want to apologize to them. ”