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Beijing time, in the early hours of siddharthnagar news this morning, the fourth round of Guild Wars in the European Championship qualifiers, Germany, France, Italy and Belgian and other traditional strong teams successfully defeated their opponents, and all took three points. The only cooler from Wales men’s feet, this team is not enemy Hungary by the “Big” Bell led, and is currently only the fourth and unfavorable situation of the group.

Figure: Hungary vs Wales IC map

The German men’s football team in the Russian World Cup has gradually walked out of the trough. In the early hours of this morning, the “Germanic Battle Motor” took 8 to 0 in the Opel Arena of the United States to sweep the strength of the European preliminaries, and continued to be a second of the group. Dortmund’s core Rois and Bayern teenner Gazley have opened a second degree, Jing Dian, Grezka, Sanet and Vernna into one. It is worth mentioning that this game is not only the biggest score since the German team since 2016, but also more than 37 zero-sealed records beyond Maiye, becoming the first person of the German team.

The New World Cup champion France also easily passed, and they were overjoyed in Aldo. In the first half of the first half, Mbpe recently passed the 100th entrails of the career. Subsequently, the Ben Yerre, who was temporarily injured before the opening, expanded the score in the 30th minute, and Tani and Zuma then entered a ball, and the final score was 4 to 0. The “Gaul Snock” after winning is the top of the Pin Resistance, and the list of the ranks and the group team.

Figure: Mbpe gains a career of the 100th granular network map

The other two European high-strength Belgium have also harvested victory. “European Red Devil” with the excellent play of Lucaku and Debrah, winning lockdown news in hindi the Socland at home 3 to 0. In contrast, Mancini’s “Blue Clothing Legion” won some difficulties, they took the lead in lost the ball, they were connected to two goals in the second half of Xi Ni and Villati, and finally 2 to 1 victory Continue to take the group standpoint in the victory of the victory.

It is stark contrast to the above-mentioned strong team, which has a Wales male football in the last European Championship. This team composed of many Premier League main players, this morning, 0-100 to 1 lost to the strength of Hungary, and encountered the European preliminaries. The team’s core Bell seems to have a lot of wood in the game, and ultimately failed to lead the team out of the trough. At present, the “European Red Dragon” record is 1 win 2 haryana breaking news losses, only the column group fourth, and Hungary after winning is the top of Croatia and Slovakia, and the tourist team. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Lu Yuxin)

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Fotbalove Dresy Levne
Fotbalove Dresy Levne
Fotbalove Dresy Levne