bad news! Old Eagle official Xuanshen shooter Bogan Dan right ankle sprained at least two weakened strengths

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Beijing time on November 29th, the eagle official announced bad news, the team gods Bogda Novich will be sprained by the right ankle, absence the next at least two weeks, and undoubtedly the old eagle that has just been recovered is a stick, it is also necessary. Other players bear more offensive tasks.

At the previous day, the eagle did not end the enemy of Nicks, and in the process of the second game, Bogdad Novich returned to the locker room after the right ankle, and later announced the retreat.

According to the news published by the eagle, Bogdad Novich is diagnosed as a right ankle sprain, and he will happen at least two weeks.

As the first main player of the eagle, Bogdad Novich has played the 20 games of the season. He can contribute
11.6 points 3.6 rebound 2.5 assists, his shooting hit rate 44.7%, and outside the three-pointer The rate is 39.1% close to 40%.

When Bogdad Novich was absent, the eagle next requested Tre Yang
Ji to play the leader, and also need Radis, Hunt, etc., more of the team’s offensive weight.