Ayala: Blue and White Legion adjusts the layout for Aguero, Giovani is the observation object of Skaruni

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Aguiro’s physical condition is worrying, the Senior Football Reporter of “Makat” and “World Sports” speculates that Aguiro will have to end your career in advance, and this Argentina will participate in the World Cup hopes. Pampas Eagle’s front star Ayala, “Aguiro’s condition made the plan of the Argentine coaching group the kapil sharma show logo scan changing, the Blue and White Legion adjusts the layout for Aguero.” Because Akun is very likely to participate in the world And the Qatar World Cup, Skaroni needs to adjust the tactical layout of the inner frontcourt, and the probability of Jonani Simoni is selected. Ayara also admitted this fact – Giovani is the observation object of Scarloni, Aguiro has a health problem, and Ikarti analyzes the family style, Simoni’s son’s probability of participating in the World Cup is getting bigger and bigger. .

In the “Star Second Generation” in the football, Simoni’s son is very low, he did not borrow his father’s relationship with the giants. In the conference and interview, Simoni’s child is more hope that the reporter and the fans call their name “Giovani” rather than the last name, because he wants to rely on his ability to wwe breaking news hindi stabilize at the mainstream league station. Giovani once played several times in the Argentine team, because the blue and white army is rich in talents in front of the front line, and Simoni is not effective in the giants, he did not become a stable country. If Aguiro is in peacelessness, Lauro’s career is good, even if Jonovani is very good, he is also difficult to enter Skari’s choice.

But now Akun has a heart problem, and Ikaldi’s personal state is unlikely to return to the national team. Giovani’s performance in Verona is so good, and he will naturally become the observations of Skaroni. Ericson wandered the situation in the European Championship group, although his medical examination is ok, he also brings a defibrillator, the Italian Football Association still does not let him participate in Series competition, in order to top up news avoid Vivian. The tragedy of Fu Fu has happened again. The Football Association is very strict on the physical status of professional players. Although Akun is an old will fall in a short-term injury, he is very important in the Blue White Legion, he will not only bring offensive opportunities to the team in tactics, but this veteran can also serve as a dressing room leader.

If there is no accident, Messi will also serve as the core of the Blue Baihang Corps, Aguiro can’t become a stable main candidate, he is also an important star of the Mei ball, Akun also has Di Mary, originally Among the tactical arrangements of Skaroni. Ayara also admits that although Skaroni is very in the state of the player in the club, the coach group may be more preferred to play. After Aguiro came to Barcelona, ??although he also had a more serious ddnational injuries, he was very obvious after the game was on, and these were the reasons why he was still within the Blue Whumbles. However, now Aguo has encountered an accident, this is the situation where the Argentina coach group is not affected.

So Ayara believes that the Blue White Legion is an Aguer’s adjustment layout, and Skaroni may remove Akun from the national team’s future plan. If the results of Aguero’s inspection are not optimistic, Barcelona’s record is not only affected, but the Blue White Legion will also say twists and turns. Argentine TV is revealed that the situation of Aguiro may also convene his two assistants (Emal and Samuel) will also discuss. If it is Akun’s physical condition is not suitable for high-intensity competitions, The Blue White Legion needs to be recruited early Jovani Simoni. After all, there is not much time from the Qatar World Cup. Most of the Stars in the South American team are scattered in the European Club.

If the Argentine team does not have the big center of the golden age, Ayala means he will think that Aguero’s heart problem is “the collapse of the collapse”, so in the recent hindu news analysis pdf goal in Giovani is very high, he is not only in Verona. Lazio staged a big four happiness, he also facing Juventus staged a plurality of plots. After the author’s ball, Aguiro’s condition and Icaldi’s problem, only Simoni’s booster may return to the national team, the key is to behave in his own performance. The Blue White Legion performance proves that Skaroni is the coach of “pragmatic”, Jonovani is the observation object of Skaroni, mainly depends on the excellent performance of this “Ball 2” in Serie A .