Arsenal regret it? Emei pretinely Ramsse will leave the team: I enjoy the time he is still on the gunner.

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    Tencent Sports April 12th, the first round of the ECO in the early morning, Arsenal defeated the Jojason’s Naples, according to the “Mirror”, and the shot of the game according to the “Mirror” The coach Emei talked about the scorpion of the Tacci, and the love of Juventus in this summer, Emei is full of unfortunate and regrets, and expresses hope to be in him. In the team, do more things with him.

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    Ramsea helps Arsenal defeated Naples

    Ramsea announced that it will freely transfer from Juventus, and Serie A Hameni is a surprising contract for Ramqi, which is far more than Arsenal’s negotiations for Ramse. Opening price. Therefore, the final Wales star also chose a gunman who left effective for 11 years, turned to the land of Yabinin.

    Although it has been determined that the next season will not continue to stay in Arsenal, now Ramse is still exhausted in each game, so the performance also makes him win the applause and a regret of the gun, after the game of Naples The Arsenal coach Emei also mentioned Ramse: “He dedicated our excellent performance for us. He also current storieswants to do some important things for us.”

    “He wants to help us do something important, because he has a deep feelings about the Arsenal news today’s news Football Club, he will stand together with the supporters of the gunner”, Emei gives Ramsea highly evaluated “Compared to himself, he has paid more for the club. At this moment, I would like to have some important things with him. In now, all of his energy will only be put into Arsenal. Body. “

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