After the men’s basketball player 2 games, the NBA scouts pay attention to 3 players, Du Fringed

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After the men’s basketball player 2 games, the NBA scouts pay attention to 3 players, Du Fringed

In the recent two-game preliminary competition, the Chinese team is in the leadership of Du Feng, which is very good, and this group of young guys ignited the entire preliminaries with their enthusiasm. It is also super good to show the achievements of a large score, and there are two consecutive games in the two games, and they have won the two consecutive victories in the world. In fact, there are currently the whole Chinese men’s basketball team,
so many players, there is indeed Some players have made great contributions, and they have received many attention from the outside world.

It is mentioned that there is a fan that is now not only the media that includes Japanese media to pay attention to this time preliminy. In fact, there are also NBA scouts. They are also paying attention to this game. There are currently three players because of three players. One of these two games is very good, and in a great concern, these three players are who, we also said, first of all the first players are Hu Jinqiu, we also know Hu Jinqiu The performance in CBA is very good, first of all, he is indeed a considerable advantage in physical conditions.

At present, he may be a data that is most concerned. Whether it is CBA or a game of this world, he shoots a very high rate, in the first stage of CBA, one of his shooting hits in the first stage of CBA. 71.8%, the fields can be as high as 22 points, and we also see his performance in these two World Cups, it is really quite bright, 8 shots 6, there is also the second game is 5 shots 5, this A success rate, just prove that Hu Jinqiu is a very potential player, so it is not surprising that NBA scouts are concerned.

The second player said Zhou Qi, we also knew that Zhou Qi had already performed very good in the previous NBL league, helping their team in the preseason, and let his teammates let his teammate let the whole An official of the NBL league is also a side eye, including the industry, Su Qun Teacher has also mentioned that there is already a NBA Earth to explore Zhou Qi, and in the first game in this World Cup, we also saw it. Zhou Qi is on the case of 20 minutes, cutting up the highest 24 points.

This achievement actually let CBA have affirmed his strength, but also a very good talent that he is an internal player, so this time it is necessary to be concerned by the NBA scout, and naturally it should be. The third player is actually Du Feng’s fantasy is Xu Jie. In this time, it is also on the list. Although Xu Jie is not particularly advantageous, his only one is very flexible, and playing is very Living is also very smart, the player is quite high, in fact, in the CBA this season, we also saw that in the first phase, the Guangdong team is in the case of all China, in fact, Xu Jie has grown into a main force. And some attempts can cut 20 more.

Therefore, for a player of Xu Jie, such a performance is really very valuable, so a focus on scouting and recognition is also very normal, so it is quite normal from the current three players. Yes, it is also to congratulations to Du Feng. Under his lead and cultivate, these players have become more and better, and we also look forward to there have been more main strengths in China’s men’s basketball team. The basket is concerned, I hope they can become better and better.