According to official website sources, Beijing time on December 21st, St. Louis Pursuant is about to make a new year contract with free players. The next complex year contract, the contract details have not been disclosed. The contract will be released after the physical examination results.Andrew Miller was selected twice, and his scorpion was appointed by the large alliance expert.Since 2012 Miller in Boston Red Sox into a post-aid pitcher, he has always been the top left hand cow shed pitcher in the alliance. From the 2014 season to the 2017 season, Miller’s self-blanking rate is only 1.72, and the 14.5 cars can be sent every nine games, sending 2.3 times. Since the season of 2013, Miller manufacturing is as high as 15.7%, and the league is better than him more than him, which is more excellent in Aroad, Chapman, Craig – Gold Breil and Ken – Jensen.Andrew Miller has played the effectiveness of the Junji team, served as the seventh placeIn 2016, Miller was traded by New York Yangji to the Cleveland Indians, he immediately played his own truth. In the US seasons, all the way through the clues, won the Meidian champion and hit the seventh game of the World Competition. He appeared 10 times in the year of the year, and the main investment of 19 and 3, and won the most valuable players in the United States. His career has been selected for a total of 2 times, and I won the title of 2015, the best post-aid pitcher, and 2 times in the US League Yangdao.Some experts pointed out that Miller’s polar movement is very large.However, 2018 season Miller is suffering from an ankle, knees and shoulders, and enters the team injury list three times. His performance throughout the season is not satisfactory, and the self-blame is high to 4.24, and a total of only 34 games. His control has also begun to have problems.If Miller, which is 34 years old next year, if it is healthy, it is the greatest gospel for the San Lusi Ms. Slipping has been dragged down by the bad performance of the cowshed. They gave left pitcher Brett Cecil 4 years contract, but two years have passed Sishir’s performance in the past.All-Star Level Terminator, Holland, this year, is extremely bad, cut off early.Tayler Lyons 2017 performance is excellent, but in 2018, he is like changing individuals. The team is really unable to endure his performance, and he cut him in the summer. Not only that, the red rickets have also cut off the Terminator Greg Holland in the summer, and the Sam Tuivailala traders.After a comprehensive reorganization of cow shed staff, the existing preparation of the CSH’s main members have Jordan Hicks, Dakada – Hudson, John Breby, Chaisen – Schliv, Luke – Gregnson and Dominic – Leoni. The top-level new Xiu Alex, which is about to be hurt, is also expected to start from the cowshed, and the old Waynelet can also support cowshed.Since Arizona

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Rattles, Paul Gold Schmidt, this is the second big hand in the red tones. After three consecutive years of play-up, even patience’s procition fans will also be dissatisfied with the performance of the team. With the rise of Milwaukee in the same district, Chicago Bear still maintains their core lineup, and the rickets must reinforce lineup if you want to break around in China.

John Mo Zelik, president, President, President, President of the Red Champ, is also a pressure. He dismisses the team’s head coach Mike Maxi. He does not hesitate at the expense of the farm. . After reinforcing the team attacking firepower and cowshed, the row of rins will not end this. With the course of the break, the red scitch will still be reinforced according to the free player market, seeking to highlight the national group of the country in the new season, enter the playoffs.