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Chinese football, after all, is China’s things, so there is also a characteristic of China. Of course, there are many problems with Chinese characteristics. For example, Shenhua has a year’s achievements. The fans called for many young players. The top of the club directly responded directly. If the old player is not good, they will not let them go to the field, they also have I have little old. The meaning of the words is to let them have a meal, can’t smash others. This may be some so-called Shenhua’s heritage.

China’s football has a very traditional characteristic characteristic, like China’s other things, it is chaotic, and you will die.

After the Chinese football begins to learn others, there will be many problems soon. The most serious is the gambling and fake balls in those years. The entire league has made black smoking, the only World Cup experience not only does not become the new starting point of Chinese football, Instead, it became an unprecedented peak.

Ok, since it is too mess, it will take a tube. The results of the tube know that it is the Football Association for fake, and the relevant departments of the survey of the Football Association, a lot of related people in prison, including players, have referees, and the original Football Association officials have fallen from a moment. For the prisoner, some of the previous teams were deducted, even downgraded, and Chinese football entered a low ceremony.

In this context, the real estate speculative capital of the constant representative began to enter the football field, directly brought Chinese football into the era of Jinyuan Mbappé Jersey football. The practice is very simple and rude, directly higher than the price of players at the time, a large number of domestic first-class players team teams are being hired, and there is no need for any echelon construction. One year, Middle A championship, successful, then It is a long rider for many years, and the other team is not as good.

After that, a bunch of other Tuha Hao got into the football field, and it was a scoop of the hoist, and the Evergrande paisination was also soon became a so-called strong team. For example, Tianjin Quanjian, Hebei Huaxia Happiness, Jiangsu Suning, etc. There is a sixth big league, and it has also achieved good Manchester United Jersey results in the AFC game, and it will win twice.

But at this time, the problem is getting more and more obvious, that is, the red fire of the league is not reflected in the improvement of the national team. The reason is also very simple, a large number of real estate speculative capital enters the football field, directly playing the role of leeks, but the leeks are gone. Because in this period, in addition to the age of the age, there are few people who have been engaged in young training, and the fruit only is the root treasure base of Luneng and Shanghai.

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There are still some small teams, which can be used by rented, the acquisition of the strong team is mixed in the middle and lower reaches, which is equal to the training of talents for the first-class strong team, but under the Jinyuan football offensive, these players are either excavated. Empty, either downgraded, or die directly. For example, the Liao Fug, who has been in China’s football half-waters, has been dug a few years later, and the advancement failed, degraded.

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Since it is chaotic, then it will take a tube. So we saw the Champion of the Football Association, first a limited salary, domestic players and foreign aids have restricted the transfer price and annual salary, and the annual salary has dropped from the original 5 million, and the foreign aid annual salary is limited to 3 million euros. I used to be able to support foreign aid in the weak team, and now I have also become a so-called giant player’s eyes. The reason is also very simple, no money, those big-bodied foreign aid, can only grab these players who have proven their ability.

The result of the tube is now seen. Last year’s league champion Jiangsu Sun Ning directly disbanded, the Tulier Team Hebei Huaxia Happiness has been seriously owed, the team is unsuccessful, and the player even has no one, and there is a possibility of disbanding in place. There is also other teams now have barely sustainable, and after the end of the year, the head coach Carnavo floats, and the future of the Evergrande club is not.

Therefore, now people who know the situation in the circle know that now Chinese football has come to the autumn of critical departure. Moreover, this time is not to talk about it, but more than one or two teams face the risk of dissolution, the entire league collapsed, and Chinese professional football can still go, now it is already unknown. Some people who don’t watch the ball say that Chinese football is dissolved, and they will not be able to engage in football. It is now possible.

But a little awake, pay attention to Chinese football fans know, if there is really this result, mean how much reversed, maybe China will bid farewell to football. Is this really what everyone wants to see?

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