41-year-old Shooter retired today! The active player of the Bundesliga goes hundreds of people, now only 4

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In the early morning of July 7, Beijing time, after the two rounds of the upgrade, the third place of the deficiencies did not come to Mei and DREM, the third Hiden Heim Word, the total score of 2-2, with the entry advantage, cloud It is a thrilling insurance, and it has been reserved in Bundesliga.

With the successful relegation of the clouds, the 41-year-old Peru’s front Feng Pedaro officially retired, ending the brilliant player career.

Pi Sarro achieved the greetings, Bayern Munich, the three German teams of Cologne, which brought the Bayern Munich, and the clouds did not come to Mei. Daddy. In the Bundesliga, Pizarro came 490 times, scored 197 goals, and the 6th place in the recti historical shooter list, which got six German championships during the play of Bayern Munich.

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As early as 1999, Picaro came to Bundesliga. From 1999 to 2020, in addition to the short-term effectiveness in Chelsea, the remaining season he spent the fossil of Germany.

Pivaro retired this summer, the German front of the German striker in the 328th this summer, Mario Gomez also ended the player career in this summer. With the retirement of them, the German player’s active player, now only The next 4 digits:

Manchester United shirtLevan, 321, 321, 236 goals

La Wan has become the best shooter in Deglam, among the 2019-20 season, 31-year-old Levan played 34 goals in 31 players in Deck A. La Wan, who has passed the 236-ball in Deck, is currently the third place in the historical shooter list of Liede.

Royce, 279, 279, 127 goals

Successfully effectively, Dortmund’s Royce, Goedkope voetbalshirts has already entered 127 goals in Deck A, which is the largest German player of the active German goal.

Ibidhevich, 340 games of Dejia 127

35-year-old Boxerhead Yibihevich, which is effective over Hoffenheim, Stuttgart, Berlin Head, etc., has been scored 127 goals in Deglam.

Muller, German 351, 118 goals

From the Bayern Munich Youth Texas, the player’s career has spent the Bayern Munich, and the team has got 9 Ger apyltic championships. 30-year-old Muller has already scored 118 goals in Deglam.

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