11.29 Football Predictive Czech FC VS Mbul

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Football Prediction Gesta FC VS Mbul

The Senegal Ligue 2 game between Jess Fcvs Mbul is from November 30, 2021 00:30. The subpropeus in this game is the Jest FC-.
In the 15th game recently participated in, the Jess FC has achieved 3 wins and 5 losses. There were a total of 9 goals, 11 balls, 0.6 in the ball, and 0.7 in average. Among them, the probability of the big ball is 83%, the winning price is 27%, the winning rate is 20%; the average corner is 4.6, great angle.
Mbul has achieved 4 wins and 6 losses in 5 wells in the recently participated in 15 games. A total of 15 goals were scored, 18 lost the ball, 1 inveraging goal, and the ball was 1.2. Among them, the probability of large balls is 93%, the winning price is 33%, the winning rate is 27%; the average corner is 3.5, the large honesty is 100%.

Additional news seems to Ludigue doesn’t want to renew! Sophisticated Sophisticated: Chelsea will use 20 million EOS to introduce Zhongwei Saulo

According to the latest news of Turkish media fotomac, Chelsea and Fenebach have reached an agreement on the transfer of Heritarian Action Sale Sale.
According to media reports, Hungary Zhongwei Salai has always been the substitute for Fene Bach in the last two games, because the club worried that the player’s injury will affect the transaction process. Chelsea and Fenet Bach have reached an agreement on Sale’s transfer. The transfer fee is 20 million euros, and the player will transfer in the winter.

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The 23-year-old Hungarian State Sare can play the defender and left back. This season, he has played 12 games for Ferna Bach, including 11 start. He participated in five European Union Cup competitions, including three startups. The contract of Sale and Fene Bach will expire in 2025, the player currently has 11 million euros in Germany.

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Chelsea quickly finalized Hungarian Salai, which means that the contract will be able to leave the team after the end of the season. Luddig and Chelsea have great disagreement on renewal issues, resulting in the agreement of the two sides until the renewal issue. Real Madrid and Bayern are eager to introduce Ludig. It seems that Chelsea Zhongwei is going to update this time.

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