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Core data in this article:The number of football venues, the ownership of the football venue

1. “The 14th Five-Year Plan” proposes “three big balls” revitalization Lionel messi Jerseyproject

On October 25, 2021, the State Sports General Administration officially issued “14th Five-Year Plan”. The person in charge of the State Sports General Administration Policy and Regulations said that the “14th Five-Year Plan” period is my country’s comprehensive construction of a well-off society, and after the first hundred years of struggle, the intensive wind has entered the new journey of socialist modernization, to the second hundred years of struggle The first five years of entering the army is also a tentative, building a strong national roots, and struggling to achieve sports modernization.

Although the development of sports reform has achieved a series of significant achievements, the unbalanced problem of sports development is still highlighted, key areas and key link reform tasks are still arduous, and sports innovation abilities are not adapted to high quality development requirements. National fitness public services can not effectively meet the needs of the people in the people. The competitive sports system mechanism and economic and social development are not comparable, and the development of sports projects is uneven, and the core competitiveness is not strong. Sports products and services have been effective in supply and sports consumption have not yet been released. The existence of these issues is urgently needed to give better planning in the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

In the plate of competitive sports, the three big balls are heavy. To this end, “The 14th Five-Year Plan” proposed “three big balls” revitalization project. In terms of football, the men’s national team strives to achieve the first-class level of Asia, and the women’s national team strive to achieve the leading level of Asia;

In basketball, the five-person men’s national team strive to get the Qualification of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, narrow the gap between the World Strong Team; the five-person women’s national team maintain Asia’s leading position, won the Qualification of the 20024 Olympic Games; three men’s national team, three The people ‘s national team won the Qualification of the 20024 Olympic Games in Paris and strive to achieve good results;

In terms of volleyball, the women’s national team maintains Asian leadership and the world’s advanced level. The men’s national team strives to obtain the Qualification of the 20024 Olympic Games in Paris, narrowing the gap between the World Strong team; women’s beach volleyball maintains Asia leading, enter the world’s advanced level, won the Paris 2024 The Olympic Games are qualified, and enter the top 8, impact medals; men’s beach volleyball maintains Asia leader, won the Qualification of the 20024 Olympic Games and entered the top 16.

2, vigorously develop social football, continue to promote special actions for national social football venue facilities

In addition to the competitive level, “The” 14th Five-Year Plan “will also focus on the field of national fitness, and put forward the national strategy of national fitness and promote healthy China.

In addition to emphasizing participants, due to participants, due to the characteristics of sports, the construction or supply of sports venues is an important foundation of the national fitness strategy. “” The 14th Five-Year Plan “, which also proposed” Organize the implementation of national fitness venues. Facilities replenish the short board engineering. Continuously promote free or low-fee opening, perfect performance evaluation and fund subsidies policy.

In terms of football, “The 14th Five-Year” Sports Development Plan “proposed” Three Big Ball “Revitalization Engineering and Social Football Site Construction Project,” Strong Development Social Football “and” Continue Promote National Social Football Site Facilities Construction Special Action ” .

In the construction of social football venues, it is proposed that by 2025, there are 0.9, with a football venue in the country (which, the national social football venue facilities construction special action focuses on the conditions of cities with conditions to reach more than 1 piece).

3, the construction of football sites is relatively good, but the gap is still larger

The construction of football venue is the necessary hardware guarantee for competition development and talent training. According to the “2020 China City Football Development Health Index”, 4 first-level indicators (site construction, organizational construction, talent construction, competition construction) ) The score is generally low, and there is less than 60 points. The relatively high score is the site construction indicator, which is 47.2 points; followed by organizational construction indicators, scored 44.2 points; talent construction indicators are 44.1 points. These three-level indicators scored more than 40 points. The competition construction indicator score is low, 30.6 points.

In the “2020 China Football Development Health Index” released in the China Football Association, the site construction indicators reflected in the number of urban social football venues and the opening of various venues, which belongs to the hardware guarantee of urban football development.

Site construction consists of three three-level indicators. The open index of public football venue is best, reaching 70.1 points, is also an indicator of score in all three-level indicators; 46.7 points for school football venue open indicators; all kinds of football fields in various cities have poor performance indicators. Only 38 points.

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Through the score of the above indicators, it can be easily concluded that the primary indicator-site construction score is due to the relatively good work in the opening of the site, especially in public football sites. However, in terms of various football fields, there are still poor sections.

How much is the number of gaps in football? According to the “2019 National Sports Statistical Survey Data” and “2019 National Sports Statistical Survey Data”, 2019 and 2020 The number of national football venues (including eleven people, seven-person Liverpool Jerseysystem, five-person, beach football field) is 10.53 million and 117,300, respectively.

At the same time, combined with the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” Sports Development Plan “proposing” to 2025, the country has a football venue to reach 0.9 (which, the national social football venue facility construction special action focuses on the conditions for conditions of urban conditions to reach 1) The above) “development goals, under the assumption that the population growth is ignored, the gap construction of football is approximately 9882.

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The above data reference “The Global Football Industry Business Value Research Report” Enterprises, prospectus writing and other solutions.

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